1935 Ford Roadster

ENGINE: 90 DegreeV-8 Head, cast iron buck, 221 cubic inch displacement, 3 main bearing, mechanical valve lifters, 2 barrel stromberg EE-1 carburetor, mechanical four wheel brakes, 16 inch wire wheels.

The 1935 Ford was one of the sportiest and fastest cars of its day. The peppy little Ford V-8 engine was very popular. In fact, Clyde Barrow(Bonnie and Clyde) once wrote a fan letter to Henry Ford praising the Ford V-8 because its speed and pick up made it a great get-away car. A copy of his letter has been obtained from the Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan and is on display on the next easel.

PARTICULARS: This was a body-off, frame-up restoration in 1988. Everything was professionally restored to original. The odometer then read 18.000 miles, but it is not known whether this is correct. This car is an AACA first place winner and has often been judged "Best In Class."

OPTIONS: Rumble Seat, Radio, Dual Horns, Fog Lamps, Greyhound Hood Ornament, Luggage Rack, Side Curtains.

This little beauty is as smooth and peppy as ever. Is it fun to drive? You bet it is!